WE OFFER three standard base colours FOR your BUild...BUT WE CAN Paint any RAL colour on request.

jenolan painted sections3.png

We coat all of the external metalwork sections with a special durable protective paint, that is resistant to extremes of temperature and UV light. The doors and window frames are powder coated with the same RAL colour code. 

ral 9003 signal white.png

RAL  9003 Signal White  

Ral 1013 oyster white.png

RAL  1013 Oyster White  

ral 000 anthacite grey.png

RAL  7016 Anthracite Grey   

COMPLEMENT YOUR base colour with our Cladding PANEL RANGE. 

line house 2  .png
line house 7.png
jenolan cladding sections 2 .png

Our cladding panels options consist of two material choices; teak wood and decorative expanded metal, both of which have good performance in extreme climates. 

All panels are a standard size so are interchangeable and can be easily replaced if you fancy something different in the future. 

Teak panel options  

teak cladding 1.jpg

Teak classic  

teak cladding 2.jpg

Teak offset

teak cladding 3.jpg

Teak  wide


Expanded metal panel options

mesh 1.png
mesh 1round .png
white arrow.png

Expanded classic   

(shown here in light bronze)

mesh 2.png
mesh 2 round.png
white arrow.png

Expanded large 

(Shown here in Dark Bronze) 

mesh 3.png
mesh 3 round.png
white arrow.png

Expanded long slot

(shown here in White) 

line house 2  .png

* Please contact us for custom options. We are happy to discuss any different size and style ideas you may have