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Optional Showroom Visit :  
Meet with us face to face and we will guide you through all the choices for room sizes, technical specifications as well as internal and external finishes from our range of materials. 

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Step 2  - We Will Quote You: 
Once you have decided upon your desired specifications, Your Space will create a free tailored 3D design and a quotation for your consideration. (Please note a new design option will require a deposit down payment.)

Step 4  - Site inspection 

On occasion a site visit will be required to ensure there are no issues with the ground. The base has to be is solid, stable and level prior to the installation. For the electrical connection we will send a qualified electrician who will inspect and advise if addition works are required. 

Step 3  - Deposit Payment:
With an agreed cost and design, we will ask for a down payment deposit from you. At this point, we agree on an installation and completion date. 

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Step 5 - Construction Phase:
Upon payment of the deposit for your outdoor room, our team at your space will order all the bespoke materials and components for your build, as well as pre-preparing many of the elements to ensure a smooth and efficient onsite installation.  

Step 6 - Delivery & Installation:   

If you live in a gated community, we will ask you to arrange a 'Delivery Gate Pass' (if required) to ensure easy access to the site.


Step 7 - Our Warranties:     

Upon completion, we inspect the finished room and agree on all final issues that need to be fixed. We offer a 5-year warranty for any internal leaks from the roof and 1 year for any other defects  (Following the completion of the snagging process we will ask for the 3rd and final payment.)

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Be Inspired   


As well as our website.....visit our Instagram page: your_space.uae to check out our very latest designs. Here you will find recent rooms built exactly to our customers' preferences, as well as materials and layouts to inspire you .

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Step 1  - Contact Us:
Discuss your room ideas with one of our representatives on a call, email or WhatsApp. Better still, arrange a visit to our show room office.


Our installation team will then assemble your 'Turn Key' room cleanly and efficiently on
your chosen spot over a 1-4 week period depending on the size and specifications of the room.

A second payment will be required at the point of the delivery of components to the site and the start of the room assembly

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