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Q: How long does it take? 


A: From the point of the Initial payment, it takes 4-6 weeks for the manufacture of the outdoor room components. We then deliver the parts to your site and it then takes a further 1.5 - 3 weeks (depending on the sizes and specifications)  to complete the installation

Q: Will I need an NOC ? 

All the residential communities within the UAE have different rules and regulations. It is the  responsibility of the client to make these inquiries and apply for an NOC if they so wish. However please call us and we can advise where possible.


 Q: How much do they cost? 

We have a Standard Size 'Price guide' PDF doc we can follow to you on request. For all our other model sizes we produce a quotation based on the customers preferences. This includes a 3d rendered image. 


Q: Can I custom design my outdoor room? 

Yes following a consultation at our office to discuss your requirements,  our team will prepare a free 3d rendering of your outdoor room with a quotation. *Please note: If the client requires a redesign and requote it will be charged as a refundable deposit if the order is placed. 


Q: Is the outdoor room delivered completed ? 

No, Most outdoor rooms are located in the customers back garden/ yard  where access is generally difficult. We therefore deliver our rooms as prepared components that are then assembled / finished on site by our team. 


Q: Do I need a foundation for my outdoor room ?

No, Your Space outdoor rooms are light weight therefore can be placed on various prepared level surfaces including but not limited to compacted gravel or black sand, interlocking brick, paving etc.


Q: Do I need to maintain my Outdoor Room ? 

There is very little maintenance required on our rooms. All the rooms external finishes are weather proofed and UV resistant so will not require any maintenance for many years. The room is fully sealed and water tight so can be washed down with a garden hose to remove the dust every so often.

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​Q: Can I have any flooring finish ? 

Your Space only recommends two types of flooring only for our timber or luxury vinyl. Both require a sub base material which has to be completely smooth, level and dust free before the final flooring  finish is applied. 


Q: What is the interior wall and ceiling finish ?

As standard all our rooms are fully lined (wall and ceiling) with gypsum board and finished with white emulsion paint. This gives a ‘blank canvas’ for the client to create their own interior design.  

Q: Can the outdoor room be removed and reassembled ? 

Yes, the outdoor can be disassembled and reassembled (but it is involved). The majority of the components can be taken apart, however the interior gypsum walls and ceiling  have to be completely replaced, jointed and painted again on reassembly.  Your Space can offer this service if required (quoted) 


Is the outdoor room climate proofed ? 

Our rooms are fully waterproofed from the elements. The roof panel joints are fully sealed using a special tape imported from the UK and then painted with heat / Uv reflective paint. 

The exterior is finished with Uv resistant paints and the windows and doors frames are finished with Uv resistant paint 


Q: Does my outdoor room come with a Warranty? 

Our outdoor rooms come with a 1 year warranty as standard door and ac supplier .

The structure and roof has a 3 year warranty for water leaks into the interior space. 


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